About the Talk

Brandon Blackburn-Dwyer at TEDxWilmington Embrace Your Inner MIllennial

The Talk

Embrace Your Inner Millennial was first presented at TEDxWilmington. The conclusions presented in the talk were the result of diligent research into demographics, personal experience, and insightful analysis of the United States’ culture.

Millennial Myth Busting

The initial driving desire behind the five years of research was to identify and demolish myths about millennials. The surprising result was discovering that many of the most commonly held beliefs about millennials actually applied to all three of the major generations currently represented in the US workforce.

Connecting Baby Boomers, GenX and GenY

The strongest connective tissue between the three major generations in the US workforce are the ideas that shape contemporary millennials. These ideas are: education, technology, and supportive communities.

In the end, the talk uses common myths about millennials to show how united our offices and communities could be, if we simply recognized and embraced the ideals we all share.

How do Baby Boomers Feel about Millennials

Building Common Ground for Internal Cohesion and External Success

Establishing common ground is key to internal cohesion, productivity, and engaging your target market.

Bringing Embrace Your Inner Millennial to your organization or community, is bringing a tailored experience that will empower you to achieve your 21st century goals.

If your organization wants to build an empowering culture and approach to your market, then this experience is for you.

Empower Your Organization to New Heights of Success

Through a tailored experience built from his successful TEDx talk, Brandon will empower your group to live with passion, embrace each other, and connect to your market. Your bridge to success starts internally, and it starts with Embracing Your Inner Millennial.

Meet Brandon Blackburn-Dwyer

Brandon Blackburn-Dwyer in Paris

Proud Millennial

Born at the cusp of Generation Y, Brandon is a proud millennial.

Brandon is a business growth expert and performance coach. Brandon helps individuals and small companies reduce the chaos so they can accomplish their goals.

Global Perspective

For more than 15-years across four continents, Brandon has coached hundreds of executives to take control and jump into their ideal lives. His consulting clients include global powerhouses: Coca-Cola, Maersk Shipping and FedEx.

An in-demand speaker and commentator, Brandon has appeared on international television more than 225 times, including CGTN and the BBC.

A Passion For Empowering You

After travelling to more than 50 countries, Brandon has found a universal truth: positive mindset equals success. His passion is to help people attain their ideal life through goal clarity, accountability and motivation.

Your Workforce Is Your Future – Time to Help Connect

Divisions exist in almost every single organization and group. The ability to build respect, connection, and a cohesive bond within your team is within your grasp. It’s up to you when you will start the journey to a more cohesive and productive team.